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Site Lock

Service by Royal IT Park

Site lock is a website security or virus scan provider. It has also partnered with leading hosting providers and cybersafety organizations, like neighborhood-watch for the Internet.

Site Lock

Starting at Rs. 125/Month
  • 360° Website Security
  • Proven to Increase Sales
  • Scanning & Malware Removal
  • Basic Spam Monitoring
  • Site Verification Certificate
  • Blacklist Monitoring


125/ Month
  • Scan 25 pages
  • Malware Scan Daiy
  • Ftp Scan
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250/ Month
  • Scan 100 pages
  • Malware Scan Daiy
  • Ftp Scan
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333/ Month
  • Scan 500 pages
  • Malware Scan Daiy
  • Ftp Scan
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1083/ Month
  • Scan 2500 pages
  • Malware Scan Daiy
  • Ftp Scan
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What drives your website great results

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  • XSS Scripting
  • App Scanning
  • SQL Injection
  • Customer Trust
  • Automatic Attacks Prevents
  • Instant Working
  • Scan Daily
  • Identify Threats
  • Fix Bugs Immediate
  • Support
  • Network Scan
  • Trust Seal
  • Daily FTP Scanning
  • File Change Monitoring
  • Application Scan
  • Cross Site Scripting
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Vulnerability scan
  • Block automated bot attacks
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Prevent future attacks
  • High Compatibility
  • Badge of Authenticity
  • Early Detection
  • SSL Compatible
  • Gain Trust
  • Speed up website performance
  • Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring
  • Content Delivery Network
What is an SSL Certificate?
The central authority (called Certificate Authority) is responsible for issuing digital certificates for a domain name. In order to be eligible for a SSL Certificate, you must first purchase an SSL Certificate and then go through a verification process conducted by the Certificate Authority.
Why do I need an SSL Certificate?
Each website that is used for gathering and transmitting customer‐s information should use an SSL certificate in order to guarantee the safety of this information.

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